Blossom Burger The Underground Cocktails and Rock'n'roll

We wanted to develop Blossom further into something unique. Another room, a different style.

Elegant while staying rock’n’roll, like sipping on a cheeky Sazerac while listening to the Misfits.

Inspired by our favourite speakeasies from London, Paris and New York, the Underground is meant to offer fine mixed drinks, live music, and various events: a place to hangout and have fun!


Its name is a reference to the alternative culture, as well as another homage to London (the tube) as it is located literally under the ground and above the line 7 of the Parisian Metro.

The Underground is open for private parties, private bookings and live music only.

Some artists who already played acoustic here :

Jenny Woo, The Choices, Nina Del Mar, Trint Eastwood (Uncommonmenfrommars), Panic Monster, Mike Noegraf, Eddie Gazel, Chris Gordon (Baby Chaos), Noé Talbot,  …



Full Capacity : 40 people

SHURE SM58 Microphone